CareShare Manager: The Journey That Started with One Family

Now Supporting Care Communities and Families Around the World

CareShare Manager was born from a family’s real-life journey, one that millions of others experience daily.

The Rowe family faced the challenge of moving their mom, JoAnn, to an assisted living community when it became clear that her memory was declining. They felt the stress of selecting the best option for her new home, one where she would be happy, healthy and safe.  Regular information and communication with staff was also an important factor to be sure they made the right choice.

After making the difficult decision and moving JoAnn into her assisted living apartment, a complication arose they did not anticipate.  They discovered that being involved and engaged with staff to stay up to date about Mom’s activities, care and daily life was becoming a problem.

One of the obstacles was that Rowe siblings lived in cities across the country. They wanted to keep in touch about what was happening with Mom.  Only Chip lived nearby and was able to visit. However, with a job that required frequent travel, Chip was often not a good source of current information.

“We didn’t realize how difficult it would be to get information about how Mom was doing,” Chip said.  “Was she happy, was she finding new friends, was she taking part in activities and, most importantly, how was her memory?”

Chip’s brothers and sisters called the facility and, when they didn’t get return calls, expected reports from Chip.  Sometimes the only information they received were calls when something was wrong, such as when their mom had fallen. The family became discouraged because, as Chip describes, “All we heard was bad news. We were frustrated with the lack of communication provided by Mom’s new home.”  They didn’t know what questions to ask or if there were other options available for communications and involvement.

The Rowe’s thought there must be a better way to keep families and care communities engaged, one which would benefit residents, families and the facility. After conducting research with dozens of other families in similar situations, Chip discovered they shared many of these same experiences and frustrations.

This sparked the idea for CareShare Manager. From the start, development focused on a system to enable families to access current updates online anytime they wanted. This was the information collected by the staff through interactions, observations, and activities and communications. It was a data-driven indicator about the residents, their lives and their happiness.

CareShare involved highly-experienced developers in creating the customized system, using the powerful platform. SalesForce is world’s leading customer relationship management system, already in use managing challenging communication. relationship and engagement strategies for some of the globe’s largest corporations.

Tools were also created that would benefit the facility and the staff: to automate communication exchanges, plan and track activities, assess engagement, proactively plan by using AI and streamline communications and work processes. These are tasks that, before CareShare, were simply not possible due to staffing, time and cost.

Today, CareShare Manager is changing conversations at care communities around the world.

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