COVID, Isolation and Senior Health

CareShare Manager was developed specifically to overcome the concerns of loneliness and isolation for residents of senior living and care facilities. Although surrounded by others, these environments often do not fully meet the social health needs of seniors, especially when separated from loved ones during COVID.

CareShare’s comprehensive solution assesses social engagement for each individual and, by using integrated artificial intelligence, proactively identifies residents’ needs and enables staff to plan and track activities to overcome social isolation. It also manages and documents each resident’s contacts and visits with family and friends, whether virtual or in person. Staff can quickly identify residents at risk for depression or isolation and take appropriate action.

Its specialized tools provide a unique and streamlined pathway for communications and engagement, especially critical in care communities during COVID-19 when residents are separated from family and friends.

A report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine emphasizes the relationship between health and social isolation in older Americans.  “Loneliness and social isolation aren’t just social issues — they can also affect a person’s physical and mental health,” said Dr. Dan Blazer, professor of community and family medicine at Duke University, chair of the committee that prepared the report.  The severity of this issue has accelerated even more rapidly during COVID seclusion, designed to keep senior residents safe, but endangering both their psychological and their physical health.

In addition, this isolation often causes heightened dissatisfaction and concerns about care among family members as they have limited access to timely and detailed information about their loved one, increasing dissatisfaction with care and retention risk.

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