The CareShare Difference

CareShare was created specifically to meet the unique communication and engagement needs of senior living and care communities. That’s why it delivers significantly more advantages to your community than options which are simply components added to software developed for other purposes.

  • Easily manages, coordinates and streamlines communications, activity and engagement processes in a single-point access tool
  • Simple to set up and use by staff members with all levels of expertise
  • Integrates with most EHR systems
  • Built with leading cloud-based technology already in use worldwide to build communication and engagement in other industries.
  • Quickly adaptable to the individual needs of your care community
  • Rapid availability of new features and customizations to meet changing requirements
  • Easy set up, activation and staff orientation to ensure a quick launch
  • Ideal for multi-location and continuum of care communities with information shared between levels of care, and transitions to build resident census in multi-facility organizations
  • Highly affordable for facilities of every size with immediate ROI and revenue-generating capability

Before CareShare: A Senior Center’s Story

“As the Executive Director in an 85-bed facility, I gather cell phone numbers from residents’ families in order to send group updates. This includes sending group text messages, videos, and any information that a family might find useful to keep them up to date about their loved one. Doing this for dozens, even hundreds of residents’ families is cumbersome and time consuming, but I find that the extra work goes a long way in improving the well-being of both resident members and for families.”

Executive Director
85 bed, short and long-term care community, Montana

CareShare Manager Simplifies the Process

Using CareShare Manager tools, staff can now automate and simplify the otherwise time-consuming tasks of planning, conducting and tracking activities which connect and engage residents.

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