Benefits of CareShare in Care Communities

CareShare’s specialized relationship management system is designed specifically for communications and engagement in care communities.  Its integrated cloud-based software captures, exchanges and analyzes information between staff, volunteers, family and residents, and frees valuable staff time to focus on residents.

Using CareShare in your community:

  • Enables consistent and convenient communications with families, and reduces phone calls and emails
  • Manages engagement in a simple-to-use system specially designed for senior living communities
  • Activates a framework for planning, scheduling and tracking resident activities
  • Eliminates manual coordination of resident activities and the time required for traditional scheduling
  • Establishes a straight-forward activity planning and tracking process which can be applied to one or multiple residents
  • Streamlines staff workload and substantially reduces time to keep families informed
  • Allows easy management and tracking of activities by staff and volunteers
  • Reduces liability and risk that can arise from inadequate capture of information or lack of family involvement
  • Allows direct requests for scheduling engagement and activities
  • Provides data for planning future resident engagement through AI analytics
  • Captures engagement and activity information required by CMS and other regulators in a HIPAA-compliant environment

Other benefits to your care community include:

  • Single-source snapshot of family, staff and resident engagement, and volunteer involvement
  • Increased family and resident satisfaction to retain residents and generate positive reviews for referrals
  • Streamlined work flow and efficiency in staffing
  • Reduced risk of staff turnover
  • Automated volunteer scheduling and staffing
  • Decreased operational costs, allowing staff to focus more time on the needs of the residents
  • Support of occupancy growth
  • Increased operating margin and ROI

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