The Comprehensive Solution for Senior Care
Engagement & Care Coordination

“I didn’t know the doctor was here to see Fred.”

“Where are the records for the audit?”

“I’ll get you the report as soon as I enter these notes into the system.”

“Where is the patient binder for the care notes?”

“When did Rose have a medication change?”

“I didn’t know the home health nurse was here today.”

“We’ll collect the paper forms and fax them.”

A significant and risky gap in senior care operations is the coordination of services, especially integrating with outside providers. This can lead to disruptions in care management, lack of services provided, unnecessary handling of paper and residents who are lost to other communities. With the recent CMS and state guidelines for care coordination, the operational and compliance burden on staff has substantially increased.

With CareShare Connected, these frustrations disappear. It is the only comprehensive solution available that integrates both engagement and care coordination management.

A few of the advantages CareShare Connected brings to senior care communities include:

  • Automates care coordination, management and reporting of services from outside professionals, including physicians, clergy and therapists
  • Digitally checks in professionals, volunteers and families, captures the COVID survey and automatically records and reports the information
  • Instantly alerts staff when support resources arrive for a resident visit
  • Documents service provided, resident status changes and follow-up plans
  • Closes the care continuum loop
  • Provides reports and data to meet CMS and state compliance requirements

Additional Benefits

Residents & Families

  • Provides robust information to families about their loved one
  • Identifies resident health changes for care updates and avoid hospital admissions
  • Integrates care so residents return to the community after receiving offsite services
  • Ensures a complete and easily-accessible digital record for each resident accessible by families and staff
  • Instant notifications when resident is receiving onsite care from an external provider; no more surprises for families and staff.


  • Interfaces with external vendor software, such as EMRs, to reduce redundancy
  • Eliminates paper and multiple tasks for the same purpose
  • Tracks and quickly retrieves data from a single cloud-based system
  • Real-time notifications and information capture: eliminates transcribing notes between systems; provides ability to interface with outside providers immediately
  • Streamlines operational management and reduces time in duplicative work
  • Provides fully-integrated information about resident needs and activities, not currently available in many senior living environments
  • Substantially reduces time to complete required processes
  • Meets compliance requirements
  • Promotes community excellence and differentiation for future resident attraction

Bottomline Support

CareShare Connected delivers a rapid return on investment with savings in staff time, reduction of errors, reduced resident turnover and decrease of compliance risk. Highly affordable for communities of all sizes, the fixed monthly fee is based on facility size for budgeting consistency. Its flexible structure also enables facilities to add a communication and care coordination charge to resident billing to further support the bottomline.

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