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CareShare Supports Healthy & Robust Care Communities

There are many demonstrated advantages of using CareShare. A few examples include:
  • The Maplewood (a long-term care facility) choose to proactively communicate to families about the scope and quality of care provided. It substantially reduced the number of hours spent on phone calls and inquiries from anxious or unhappy families by an average of 60%. This led to an estimated $2200 savings in labor costs monthly.
  • The Maplewood team also discovered the immeasurable value of providing real-time, 24-hour family access to information about their loved ones. This was especially meaningful for families who lived in distant communities or in different time zones.
  • Another crucial business consideration was the ability to increase transparency through communication and reporting, supporting a reduction in legal risk. The cost of a single lawsuit can average $250,000 for a facility.
  • Research demonstrates the business impact of family engagement and communication on increasing satisfaction, online ratings and referrals. CareShare is a significant differentiator for communities. By utilizing CareShare, the Maplewood also increased its occupancy rate. Nationwide, one occupied bed increases a facility’s gross revenue by an average of $4000/month. To further supplement revenue, some communities have decided to provide the CareShare benefit at a small per-bed fee.

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